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Mary Chien DDS MS

Hacienda Heights, CA

Mary Chien DDS MS


Patient Testimonials
Thank you for your excellent careful work rescuing my tooth yesterday.
You have an air of quiet calm competence that is absolutely reassuring.
I never felt the block and was totally relaxed in your exquisitely comfortable chair.
Looking at all your equipment I was stunned by what must have been the cost of set up.
I am deeply grateful. - Aidan O.

This is the most comfortable I have ever been in a Dental procedure. Mary has the hands of an Angel. The atmosphere was more like being at SPA than a dental office. The music is calming, there seems to be scented candles burning and they even whisper while operating. It was so calming that I fell asleep several times. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Mary and her staff are amazing. - Roger B.

I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that Dr. Chien is one of the greatest Endodontist Dentists I've ever encountered. She's not only extremely professional, but she's also so kind and loving towards her patients and staff. She's so passionate about her work and it really shows! Like many, I am really scared of the dentist, but she made sure over and over that I didn't feel any pain during my visit and her, and her entire staff did such outstanding job checking on me and making sure I felt comfortable and at ease. They all also, made sure I was relaxed and well taken care of the entire time during my visit. She's so amazing in her work and she makes sure you understand and are aware of what she's doing throughout the entire process. I cannot express enough how unreal and amazing all that is! I would recommend Dr. Chien 1000% to anyone!! If you're looking for one of the best Endodontist Dentists with the top best dental care work, little to no pain, professional and outstanding customer care, then you NEED to go to Dr. Chien's office!! You won't regret it at all!! GO and see for yourself what an amazingly talented, gentle, and caring doctor she is, with some of the most kind hearted and hardworking staff by her side that all work together in truly helping their patients! Extremely grateful and thankful to all the work she did for me! You'll be too! :) - Becky O.

I had a pleasant visit at Dr.Chien's office. Dr. Chien is kind, caring and very professional. She is a very knowledgeable doctor and my tooth now feels great and strong again. The office staff is very friendly and the office is super clean. Thank you for the wonderful dental experience! - P. Wang

Dr and her staff were very warm and professional before, during and after my treatment. Dr explained and answered all of my questions and walked me through the procedures. A very warm and caring person. It was never a rush to get things done, it was if I was the most important person and it was appreciated. Her personal follow up care was also appreciated as it showed her personal concern for me. Very happy with her and her staff.....10 out of 10. Thank you Dr Chien. - Peter G.

Totally impressed with the professionalism and service that Dr. Chien and staff provided. The procedure was painless and I caught myself dozing off a couple of times. I would highly recommend dental procedures at this office. - Dell A. 

Great experience. Dr. removed all apprehension prior to procedure. One of the best dental experiences ever. - Henry P.

Dr. Mary Chien is a wonderful endodontist. After hearing horror stories of friends' root canal procedures. I was incredibly concerned about my own. But Dr. Chien was very comforting and made sure that I was never in pain. She let me know exactly what the process was, what should I expect after and insisted that I let her know if anything at all was bothering me before, during, and after the procedure. I did not experience any pain whatsoever. Dr. Chien is absolutely the best tooth specialist I have seen. - Ariel W.

Good Morning Hacienda Endo!! I wanted to take a minute out of my day to say how much I "Thank You". I am extremely pleased with the entire experience I had in your office yesterday. You and your staff honestly do deliver the highest quality care. I feel 100% better. I can't even begin to express my gratitude. God Bless you and I wish you and your staff a Happy New Year!!!  - Zoraida M.

 I was referred to Dr. Chien for Endodontic care. I had a wonderful experience all around.

From the first time I walked in to their office, it was a WOW moment. Now, I am a very picky patient, I have many expectations. Dr. Chien and her team surpassed my expectations. 

Dr. Chien's office is everything I was looking for.  Her office is beautiful, the decor was done with great taste and her office is comfortable and inviting.  They use a paper-less system which I loved.  Instead of getting a clipboard to fill out many forms, I was seated in front of a Computer and was typing away my basic information into their data base, this was a one time entry, from there on all of the rest of my visits I was taken straight back to the treatment room. 

Dr. Chien's staff is very courteous.  They have wonderful customer service skills.  The reminder calls are done in professional manner.  I personally appreciate those calls because I have a very busy schedule. Pratna is one of the best Receptionists that I got to know and her friendly smile came across that phone call every single time. 

I appreciated that my appointments had NO WAIT time in the lobby.  As soon as I walked in they were ready to take care of me.  The treatment room was amazing. Their chair is very comfortable and they offer you a blanket. 

They use the latest technology.  The x-rays were painless and they appeared immediately in their computer. When they prepare you for treatment they use this blue piece that they call a "Rubber Dam" (it was so interesting I had to ask what it was called) this gadget is THE BEST!!  It is placed over your mouth so that Dr. Chien and her team can focus on the tooth that is to be worked on and it still allows you to breathe very comfortably.  It helped to block out the water,  the air and any particles that can fall in your mouth, AMAZING!   

Dr. Chien was able to start the treatment immediately.  Dr. Chien's hands are so gentle.  I NEVER FELT ANY PAIN.  A combination of being comfortable and the soft music that is played in the room actually made me fall asleep,  a couple of times (I was so embarrassed!.)   

If you are looking for a clean, professional, efficient Endodontist,  Dr. Chien's office brings all of it and more. - 
Carolina R.

Dr. Chien, I want to thank you sooo much for saving my teeth. I was not looking forward to having several implants if those teeth failed. Your skill of working through that front crown of my four tooth bridge was incredible. I can't believe I fell asleep (hope I didn't snore too loud) Your girls are also amazing! Very polite, kind and knowledgeable. Thank you again!  - Roger Baker, CEO TURF-N THE WORLD, Inc.

I am extremely pleased with the root canal procedure. Dr. Chien explained in detail the diagnosis and treatment plan. All my questions were answered and concerns put at ease. There was no pain whatsoever and the procedure was done in complete comfort. Results were immediate. The dull pinkish color prior to treatment is gone; now looks healthy. More importantly, the tooth now feels more firmly planted. The root canal was done while I am getting orthodontic treatment and had prior gum surgery. More factors to add, in my mind and raised my level of fear. That fear was put at ease the moment I sat in the chair. All pertinent information from my other doctors were ready and on the computer screen. I found Dr. Chien very personable and easy to communicate with. She cares about the long term well being of her patients. The use of an operating microscope also put me at ease. I would not hesitate recommending Dr. Chien to friends and family. - Edison K.

Doctor Mary Chien has a sweet smiling face and is very professional, knowledgeable and caring, she listens to my concerns.  She explained very clearly about what procedure needs to be done on my root canal, she is super detail oriented.  I am very impressed how high tech her equipments are.  Her office is quite organized and clean lay out, her whole staff is so courteous and amiable to talk to. I will absolutely refer her patients if I come across friends or family that needed an endodontic, no other than Mary Chien DDS MS is the ONE! - Harvey Z.

I have a BIG problem.....this box is too small to write everything I want regarding my experience at your office. When I first came in, my fear of "having dental work done" was gone. Dr.Mary Chien and staff made me feel so comfortable from the get go. From the paperless system to the state of the art equipment, going through this procedure had been a very positive experience, not only painless, but the follow up care, concern and availability to my needs exceeded all my expectations. During the procedure, there was minimal to no pain, even the anesthetic injections were tolerable. The professionalism is outstanding, it was quiet, soft touch, comfortable chairs and explanations step by step have left me not only with a good to go tooth but with a great deal of appreciation and certainly a positive experience. Thank you Dr. Chien and staff for making me feel like I was your priority and for your wonderful care. I'll stop by to say hello! God bless you all! - Stella A.

All of my experiences in dental offices have been scary and caused me anxiety. My 2 visits (with Dr Chien) are the best visits I have ever experienced. I expecially love the classical music and the staffs' soft voices. I actually felt myself dozing off a few times. Gave me a very subtle feeling. Thank you. - Marleen 

I just wanted to say thank you for your over the top kindness during my root canal, I really appreciate how patient you were with me. - Melanie B.

As a patient, my general well-being has been excellently attended to from appointment reminder and after care. Most importantly, the ambiance & mood (interiors, music, hygiene & cleanliness, staff,) of the clinic soothes the anxiety of any patient. I appreciate very much the quiet and respectable tone of voices during the treatment; the clear and easy to digest explanation of my treatment before and after. Thank you very much for the excellent accommodation. -Edythe K.

I am very grateful to Dr. Chien for saving a tooth I was on the verge of having pulled. During the whole procedure I felt comfortable in the fact that I was in the hands of an expert, caring endodontist. I could tell she was paying attention to every minute detail. She also used tools I had never seen before during previous root canals. Dr. Chiens office is modern and beautiful-the staff is very friendly. The day after the procedure they even contacted me to see how I was doing. If you want the best root canal experience ever, this is the place to be!! - Claudia A.

My regular dentist referred me to Dr. Chien for an evaluation of a tooth I wanted to save. (I'd already been to one endodontist who told me the tooth wasn't salvagable.) In addition to expert planning and treatment, not to mention that my tooth was saved, Dr. Chien and her staff were very supportive of me during a difficult time of losing a loved one. I highly recommend this practice for great endo care and for that extra special support during a time of great loss. - Mary T.

I loved being treated by Dr. Chien and her friendly knowledgeable staff. I can tell they work and communicate well together which makes the process and being under the chair a breeze. Her equipment is state-of-the-art, this is helpful because pictures and xrays were easy breezy. Even their communication around appointments and payments was great. I appreciate the email where I can confirm my appt with the click of a button. The only thing I do wish Dr. Chien would have been a little more proactive about it showing me the procedure after it was done and explaining to me what she was going to do or doing during the procedures. I get kind of freaked out when I have work done and it would have been reassuring to know, "I am opening the canal, cleaning it now and filling it with medicine, etc." I had to ask her to see the pictures after and asked lots of questions, but felt like I was bothering her to ask. She did answer my questions thoroughly though once I asked and explained my expenses well. Overall, it was a great experience and I am definitely going back to her to get my top molar root canal retreated. - Priscilla R. 

Dr. Chien is very good for what she is doing. I have a very good treatment from her and her staff with almost no pain. They always follow up with you to make sure every thing is ok after you leave the office. - Yumin F.

The only time in 51 years that I looked forward to having my teeth worked on! - Kurt S.

Dr. Mary is dedicated to her profession. She was very detail in treating me. Thank you. - Rosario M. 

You are at the top of the professional bar!! - Mike B.

Dr Chien- I want to thank you and  your "ladies in waiting (for me to finally show)" these past few months, for your patience with me & your absolute professionalism.  Your work is superb & all of you are delightful. - Stuart K.

Dr Chien and staff were caring and gentle, would highly recommend her. They turned a bad thing into a wonderful experience, thanks again - Joe C.

Dr. Mary Chien, her staff and clinic is great. I'm very happy and satisfied with her job. - Modesto P. 

Dr. Chien did an outstanding job. I had a minor infection below the gum underneath my crown and the treatment she provided did the job. My experience was wonderful. She thoroughly explain the procedure and was very knowledgeable. Her staff was outstanding. She has Saturday appointment which was very convenient. - Andrew L. 

The overall experience with Dr. Chien was exceptional. She is as good as it gets and the same goes for her well trained staff! - Mike B. 

Very caring, you guys were wonderful - Alicia B. 

Dr Chien, Pratna and Roxanna, Thanks for such a wonderful experience with each visit. Dr Chien your skills are incredible. I can't believe I fell asleep! Thanks for all your help. - Patricia T.

Dr Chien is the best. I give her a 10 in her technical ability, technology, office organization, personal attitude, and office personal attitude and organization. -
Rick Conner PhD, past endodontic sales manager.

I had a great experience and would recommend this office to anyone. -Patricia U.

I love Dr. Mary Chien. She is excellent in all areas. Exceptional, caring, competent, comforting, understanding, honest, calming, patient. Dr. Mary Chien has my trust and confidence. Gratefully and appreciative, Barbara K.

Best dental experiences to date. Thank you!!! -Linda H.

My recent endodontic procedure ('molar RCT') in Dr. Chien's office went extremely well. During what seemed to be a never-ending treatment session on March 22, 2012, my initial intense fear of pain and discomfort quickly subsided as the procedure went on. Dr. Chien was gentle and delicate, so much so that I felt a sense of comfort and relief sitting on the patient's chair - something I've never experienced in all of my previous dental appointments. What's more, I find Dr. Chien to be personable and caring as well. Just as friendly and capable is Pratna, the assistant in Dr. Chien's office. All in all, I'm glad my regular dentist referred Dr. Chien to me. - Jocelyn C.

This was the best dental experience I have ever had. Dr. Chien and her staff, especially her assistant are the best professionals that I have ever met.I felt little or no pain at all. Just excellent treatment and very kind and gentle. The office was very clean and I wish that she was a regular dentist because I would definitely go to her all the time. Thank you ladies for your kindness and good work. -Elisa M.

It was a totally pleasant experience for me. I was amazed at the technology. The office was so peaceful and lovely. The dentist and assistant worked so beautifully together. Thank you for everything! -Mariam H.

I highly recommend Dr. Chien for any endodontic work. She is knowledgeable, skillfull, gentle and caring. She fully explains to you verbally and through digital photo of your tooth, what is the problem and the procedure that needs to be done. She is able to do the procedure skillfully and gently. Dr. Chien and her assistant, Pratna were very accomodating and caring and made my root canal experience a painless and stress free one. THANK YOU! - Linda L.

I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Chien's office! Despite coming in with a horrible infection, the awesome staff made the treatment much more bearable. The office is absolutely gorgeous, and I was very impressed with the high tech equipment used. I felt very minimal pain after my treatment and really appreciated the follow up phone calls. -Tram L.

Dr. Chien is an excellent dentist with excellent people skills. She really listens to the patient and takes the time to explain a problem, which is not always the case with dentists and doctors. Her staff is very helpful and welcoming. All in all, it is always a very comforting experience going to the office. - Lilian W.

Dear Dr. Chien and Pratna,
You made this scary root canal experience as pleasant as it could be by surrounding me with friendly and calm atmosphere.  Your confident and efficient manner of treatment made me less nervous too.  I will definitely refer my friends to you.  - 
Rose Anne B.

Dr Mary and her assistant, Pratna, were the best!  They were very kind and caring during the entire process. Dr Mary was very gentle in administering the procedure.  She explained everything and did not rush to finish it when my tooth was not ready to get the treatment. I'm very thankful and lucky to have been recommended to them. I've told my relatives about Dr Mary. Most of all, I'm very satisfied with the root canal job she did. Thank you so much, Dr Mary. Thank you Pratna. - Veronica Y.

I have just finished having my second root canal with Dr. Chien and am happy to report that it was a pleasant experience. As a nervous patient who has difficulty with dental appointments, it puts me at ease to know that Dr. Chien is a very understanding doctor who is willing to work with her patients' individual needs. Dr. Chien also has a flexible schedule which makes it easier to get extensive dental work done all at once. Dr. Chien uses state of the art technology in her office which helps when explaining procedures to patients. Her staff is always warm and welcoming. Overall, I am very glad to have been referred to Dr. Chien. - Sara O.

My experience in having a root canal done by Dr Chien was a very positive experience. Dr Chien and her staff were friendly and helpful. Upon careful examination and X rays, Dr Chien informed and explained to me of the work that needed to be done. She also helped put me at ease, as I was apprehensive, nervous and fearful. The work went well, she was very gentle. I was amazed at how light and deft her hands were. I highly recommend Dr Chien and her work. Thank you. - Rebecca B.

I just wanted to thank you for making me feel so comfortable at the dental office yesterday:-))  I loved the decor and must say, the visit on Tuesday was one of the best dental visits I've ever had! - Sherry M.

I just want to express how much I appreciate the service and the care you and Pratna provided for the Root Canal treatment that I had in your office. You're so gentle through the whole process that I had a very pleasant experience.  Thank you so much for the excellent work. - Sharon C.

She was so profesional, I hardly had any pain during or after procedure, I highly recommend Dr Mary Chien if you ever need root canal done. Thanks . - Al P.

I would like to thank Dr. Chien and staff for the excellent treatment I received. I really don't care for visiting any dentists but my painless visit with Dr Chien, I really enjoyed. What I don't enjoy are the injections but with Dr. Chien I did not feel any injection pain at all. I already recommended Dr. Chien to all my family and friends. Thank you very much. - F. Rivera

From past experience this was a very painfull procedure (Root Canal), but this time it was very comfortable and I Thank you for making this experience the BEST!   -Ray G.

Very pleasant experience.,kind, courteous and professional. Thanks Dr Chien and Pratna. - Statney L.

After my experiencing notable but short-lived pain on my first visit on the 17th (1t visit), it was apparent that Dr. Chien was being especially careful to avoid a similar experience on the 20th (2nd visit), and on that she was totally successful. So, I can honestly say that Dr. Chien takes pains to avoid causing pain! She earns my highest recommendation. - Dennis H.

I would recommend your services to my friends. - C. Hernandez

Very therapeutic and made me feel relaxed. Great professionals:) - Steven M.

My fears were high before getting to the dentist. I thought i would endure a lot of pain being treated for an infected root canal.Once I met Dr. Mary she made me feel relaxed and comfortable in explaining the details of what she would be doing.The process was very smooth & painless.My fears disappeared and I highly recommend Dr. Mary Chien and her friendly staff. - Arcelia N.

Dr. Chien and Pratna are professionals from beginning to end. They made sure I was at ease before, during and after the root canal. Dr. Chien explained what she would be doing during the root canal and showed me the results afterwards. Thank you. -Laura M.

Excellent customer service. You have the best facility. Keep up the good work!!! - Anthony L.

I had a very positive experience at Hacienda Micro-Endodonitics. Dr Chien and her assistant were very kind and professional. Thanks -James C.

Thanks for a great treatment! -Amy Z.

Highly recommended for endodontic procedure. -Albert C.

Just a note to say Thank You for all of your caring dental work and consideration during my visits. I am very glad Dr Kim referred me to you for my work and I'll be happy to refer any one I know to your office. -Eleanor S.

You and your staff made me feel very comfortable and relaxed And assured that the problem was going to be taken care of. Thank you very much. - Hector Z.

The pain I experienced before the overall treatment was unbearable, I found myself in constant pain throughout the day. But after two visits with Dr. Chien, I can go through my complete day happy and pain-free! Thank you Dr. Mary Chien!  -Julian R.

Dr.Chein is so competent and caring,she is a perfectionist. I have no pain after the root canal procedures. Her staff are very curteous and very professional.I love her office which is very eleglant,inviting and very clean. - Sakun A.

Dr.was very good and meets my expectation. Highly recommended. - Marilyn A.

It was the most satisfying and painless dental visit I've ever had!  Dr. Chien is the best! - Tom L.

It was a pleasure getting treated by Dr. Chien and staff.  She was always very nice to talk to and provided the very best care every time. - Rockman L. 

I came to Dr. Chien for my injured front teeth. During the consultation, she checked up carefully and explained everything clearly, I made my mind to do the treatment right away without hesitation.During the procedure, she did every step so gentle and carefully,she took picture to show me, so I could see the whole process so clearly. She even helped me with my medical insurance claim. It is extra work for her. I am so glad I made right decision not go to other Dentist. She is the best Dentist I have ever met. I would more than happy to recommend Dr.Chien to anyone who need root canal service.  - Cindy L.

Dr Chien, thank you for taking care of Chuck's root canal & abscess. He was very relaxed & confident in your care. - Margo R.

Dr Chien is phenomenal! My tooth was severely decayed due to cavities and it's badly infected, the pain spread to gum and area around my chin and thyroid and made me sleepless for three days, with advanced micro technology, Dr Chien treated my tooth and confirmed there's no crack, so I can avoid possible extraction, also not to mention how dexterous Dr Chien is, she treated my teeth with as gentle and soft as possible, Im just so grateful and I'm glad Dr Chief save my teeth! - Annie L.